I’m screaming inside of me

Today my sister came home she was studying abroad and finally came back. once she entered all the spotlight was centered on her, from the neighbors and my family, OH GOD SHE WAS THE CENTER OF ATTENTION,  I was truly happy for her and to be honest I’m not jealous not at all,she was away for more than 8 month, let her have some fun but what I HATE AND CAN’T HOLD ANYMORE, is the way she’s acting, you know that “ELDER SISTER WHO HAVE A CONTROL ALL OVER YOU AND YOUR LIFE” my God, she started making me schedules once arrived for what to study starting from this Saturday, at what time to sleep and wake up everythinggg! and so I started pushing myself away from her(  this is something I always do once I dislike something/someone) I know she’s doing that for my own sake, but Noo ! I started not talking with her, and using my phone more over, checking the facebook, and do all I can to ignore her but then my mom and dad  started to yell and told me to well behave and not to be selfish,they got really mad that I’m ignoring herself and her instruction  then right now they took each other  to sleep in one big room and left me alone  and probably they won’t speak to me for like 2 days. I don’t feel wrong ..I JUST, I JUst HATE it when someone takes control all over me, another reason is because my B’day is tomorrow and no one will remember, she didn’t even get me a gift from that country and I reminded her 3 days ago about my b’day …One more thing my parents and sis don’t get that I don’t like to show my emotions, I don’t want anyone to call me weak or use my feeling as my weakness and that’s why I didn’t run and hug her once she came, I shook my hands with her, leaving my parents in a total of shock, and then they called me selfish..


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