ImageIn two days time I will turn 16, the age almost all girls wish for but not me, and that’s not because I’m afraid of becoming older ( Frankly I am ) but because no one will possibly remember even although I have a very supporting, loving family but still NO.The reason is: for the past five years every one started depending on facebook which inform everyone about people’s B’day, and so they wished, but today I decided to change my birth date to see who would care and remember from my friends ( including my besties ) and even family. I wouldn’t blame my parents ’cause they are old enough to have a weak memory and other work problem, and my sister’s as well they do forget. AND FOR FRIENDS, if a family doesn’t will they? I don’t think so,however I don’t really know why I’m very sad about it this time, i MEAN EVERY YEAR my friend would wish me on fb, but not in personal because due to me living in a small apartment with my family there is no place in the home for a party, plus we’re not even that rich to celebrate it outside but for being fair and square my parent would always get me a cake from bakery store and books as a gift, but that’s only when I remind them, anyways with no one noticing I won’t mention the subject, and let this day be just like any other day; nothing special.


2 responses to “My-sweet-sixteen

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are in this place in your life. I hope you can overcome and be able to fly one day above this dark world in which you are currently living.

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