“The Two Most I…

“The Two Most Important Days In Your Life Are The Day You Were Born And The Day When You Find Out Why.”

This is so true and probably many people will not get the meaning unless they achieve something they’ve always dream of. Me, myself I still don’t know why I was born , neither did I achieve something  but I believe in myself, and I believe that one day I will come to know why and I’m pretty sure that this day is coming Inevitably, because I don’t want to die and be forgotten , I want, I want everyone to remember me and talk about me and my great achievement (which I frankly have no Idea about ) and this will definitely be my motivation, the power that keeps my going and trying different things till i find out what I master in. however some people insist on depressing me and keep me hopeless by many ways, by saying  that I don’t have any talent any natural gift , and keeps my hope low but, NO, I believe that SKY IS THE LIMIT, AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME, I will stay positive till forever, till I find out why.. to prove to everyone that are  wrong.


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