Is age just a number?

Well, I’ve always believed that age is more than just a number, it define maturity, I also used to criticize those who dated/married people much younger/older  than them, but today something unusual happened…

I have a guy friend, well we’re more than just friend like best friend, he is 2 years younger than me (me:16 him:14)  but he is very mature ,we hangout together our family are friends and so we’ve known each other for 5 years . we talk daily on facebook, but today when we did hangout i went with my 2 girlfriends to a mall, we had fun , ate then they left so I called him and he came, Honestly I had much more fun with him than with my other 2 bestfriend, we talked and talked and walked, I really did have fun and enjoyed every minute . and somehow I THINK I LIKE HIM? I don’t really know, but I feel like I want to see him all the time, talk with him all the time, And about him he is single with no girlfriend and he like to hangout with me too, but I’m not really sure weather he finds me more than friends?

so the question it normal to feel like this to your guybestfriend?    and is it normal to fall for a guy who is younger?  I just hate this idea; that he is younger!


2 responses to “Is age just a number?

  1. I don’t believe that age should matter, follow your heart.

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