Leave me alone?

TRUE  LOVE is everywhere, you see it in movies, You read about it in books and Hear about it in music..but is it that easy in reality?

In my school ( high school ) the freshman have dates, my best friends as well as everyone around me ..Me? I just sit waiting for them or roam around.My nickname is Forever alone because I’m 16 and haven’t date anyone yet..It doesn’t really effect me I’m still young but everyone pressure me.In this society if your not dating that’s a big shame, Everyone try to turn me into a sucker for love, and somehow I\m getting depressed they send me tips on how to fall in love..Ughhh God. I don’t know what to do anymore


2 responses to “Leave me alone?

  1. Is this why you are “Hopeless but hoping?” You are a sixteen year old loveless high schooler?

  2. Well, it’s one of the many reason I can tell.

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