Dangit! Bad luck? even worse

My exam starts on 14th of October, the IGCSE exams which means I must be ready and well prepared, and that’s what I been doing for the past month, but then misery loves my company!! I stopped eating meat for about 1 year and more now, and fish, I don’t like eating fish and so I only eat chicken, no vege no fruits ,but then last two weeks I lost all my appetite for eating, considering that before I used to eat too much, I don’t even finish my plate now , just juice and corwason,then I started feeling  very tired and want to sleep all the time like  yesterday I slept 17 hours !,  then I have  cracks in  both the side of my mouth, I look pale, can’t concentrate in anything  and above all I have a non stop “period” it’s been there for exactly 28 days, I look really sick  and so I took a day off from school, went to hospital and discovered that I have IDA= Iron Deficiency Anemia, they took a sample of my blood and the doctor scolded me badly, she said in your blood there was no iron and no vitamin she said I could’ve died due to my very little intake of food,  and she told me to  rest for like a full week, but then  what about my exams , I am really scared!